Wasp Control
We offer a professional wasp extermination & wasp nest removal services to commercial & domestic customers.

Wasp Extermination & Control

Wasp Control

Complete Pest Control provide a professional wasp extermination & wasp control service for business customers & individuals alike, we also offer a specialised wasps nest removal service..

There are two main species of wasp you will encounter in the UK which are:-

Common Wasp

The common wasp can be identified by the anchor shaped marking on its head as opposed to the german wasps "three black dots". They are often referred to as Jaspers and builds their grey paper nest in or on any structure capable of supporting it.

This means you are just as likely to find a wasps nest in your attic as you are in a hollowed out tree, it also means that wasps may decide to use an abandoned mammal hole in your garden which has been enlarged by the workers. A common wasps nest can contain anything up to 10,000 individuals.

German Wasp

German wasps are similar in appearance to common wasps and make their nest from chewed plant fibres, mixed with saliva. The nest is generally found close to or in the ground, rather than higher up on bushes and trees like hornets. A german wasp nest usually contains anything up to 3000 individuals.

Disease & Damage

Wasps do not pose a significant risk as disease carriers, however, as with any insect, you never know where they have been foraging - the most serious danger wasp poses is via their sting which apart from being very painful can cause anaphalactic shock in people who have an allergic reaction.

Wasp Prevention

Preventing an infestation of wasps is usually very difficult unless you know where the nest is, wasp control is usually achieved by destroying the nest. However, if a well established infestation of wasps is already present, you are likely to need our help - wasps nest removal is not a task that should be taken lightly, during the process wasps secrete a pheremone which acts as a call to arms to the rest of the workers and you can very quickly find yourself surrounded.

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