Rat Extermination
Professional rat extermination is important to any business or individual to eliminate significant health risks.

Rat Extermination & Control

Rat Control

Complete Pest Control provide a professional rat extermination & rat control service for business customers & individuals alike. The two major species of rats you will encounter in the UK are:-

Brown Rats

Are also known as Norwegian Rats, Sewer Rats and Common Rats they are by far the most prevalent species of rat found in the UK, and the second most common mammal found on earth after humans. The population of rats in the UK has been steadily increasing and it is estimated that there is 1.3 rats per human currently inhabiting our shores.

A large brown rat can be as long as 20 inches long including its tail and weigh as much as 900 grammes.

Black Rats

Are also known as Ship Rats, Roof Rats and House Rats, the black rat is a less common species than the brown rat and usually only found in port areas.

Disease & Damage

Rats are known carriers of a wide range of serious diseases transmittable to humans, these include Weil's disease, rat bite fever, cryptosporidiosis, viral hemorrhagic fever, Q fever and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. They also infest and ruin foodstuffs and cause serious structural damage to buildings, pipework and wiring systems by their constant gnawing. Rats gnawing electrical wires is a common cause of fires.

Rat Prevention

Preventing an infestation of rats can be achieved by rodent-proofing your home. However, if an infestation of rats is already present we have a wide variety of methods of control & treatments which includes rodenticide grains, a variety of killer baits as well as a range of humane traps and live catch traps. Once the infestation is under control we will advise our customers what actions they can take to minimises the likelihood of a reoccurrence.

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For more information regarding rat extermination & rat control in Bristol, Birmingham, Oxford, Northampton or anywhere else in the West Midlands, Central England or the UK, please contact us for further details of our rat extermination & rat control services.