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We offer a professional hornet extermination & hornets nest removal services to commercial & domestic customers.

Hornet Control & Extermination

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Complete Pest Control provide a professional hornet control, extermination & hornets nest removal service for business customers & individuals, we are highly trained and fully qualified to deal with hornets & hornets nest removal whatever their location.

Hornet Control & Extermination

Hornets are the UK’s largest species of wasp and much less common than german or common wasp. Hornets prefer warmer temperatures and this means they are most likely to be found in Southern England.

Hornets are visibly larger than the common or german wasp and measure up to 1.8 inches long with a 3 inch wing span. As well as the difference in size, hornets can be identified by their orangey-yellow and brown striped body, as opposed to the bright yellow and black stripe of a common wasp.

Hornets tend also to nest in similar locations to wasps, so you might find a hornets nest under your property’s eaves, in a shed, or up a tree in your garden.

Hornets Nest Removal Dangers

Hornet nests are similar to wasps nests and require similar treatment in their removal., however, hornets nest removal is not a task that should be undertaken by untrained members of the public, especially in the case of well established colonies. During the process of removal of a hornets nest, an attack pheromone is secreted which actively heightens the aggression of rest of the colony. The sting of a hornet is very painful indeed and can cause anaphylactic shock in people sensitive to the venom.

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